Wheel of Fortune เป็นธีมของเกมสล็อต

But IGT would use the wheel to trigger yet another new trend—the use of a familiar entertainment brand to market a slot machine. The company already owned a license to use the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune as a theme for a slot game, and had in fact used it to create an unsuccessful video slot. This time, they dressed up Anchor Games’ wheel to look like the big fortune wheel used on the game show. The slot glass was decked out with artwork from the show, and a sound bite was blared through the slot speakers so that, when the extra reel symbol landed, the player heard the studio audience from the Wheel show chant, “WHEEL. OF. FORTUNE!” Other than these slight modifications, and the fact that that the base game was Double Diamond instead of Blazing 7s, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine was no different from Bally’s Wheel of Gold slot machine. But, as slot-makers were about to learn, Americans will automatically gravitate toward anything that even hints at being related in any way to television.

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